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Kurt Goldstein (neurologist)

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Kurt Goldstein (* 6 November 1878 in Kattowitz; ? 19. September 1965 in New York), neurologist and psychiatrist, is considered as a pioneer of the neuro psychology and the Psychosomatik.

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Kurt Goldstein was born as seventh of nine children of a Jewish family in Upper Silesia. It studied first philosophy, changed then however to the medicine and locked 1903.

From 1906 to 1914 he worked in the psychiatric hospital of king mountain, during the 1. World war developed it in Frankfurt/Main together with Adhémar yellow ' Institut for the study of the results of brain injuries ' as hospital for soldiers person suffering from a brain injury, whom it led until 1930. 1929 he was appointed as a successor of Ludwig Edinger the full professor for neurology at the Frankfurt university. Because it - with scarce urban means and the preference of another university teacher - which were refused mechanism to their own bed department, Goldstein changed 1930 to Berlin, where he could take over a again opened neurological department. After Hitler's seizure of power 1933 Goldstein was taken prisoner briefly and forced then to the emigration. The Rockefeller Foundation supported it one year long in Amsterdam, where he wrote its hauptwerk the structure of the organism, which was published in the year after (on German). 1935 emigrierte Goldstein into the USA, where he lived up to his death 1965 and worked (among other things at the Universities of Harvard and Columbia) and accepted 1940 the American nationality.


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Its hauptwerk carries the title the structure of the organism (1934). Its life's work was connected since its early common research work in Frankfurt and Berlin with the shape psychologist Adhémar yellow (1887 - 1936) and the co-editor shank of the psychological research ( together with maxof Wertheimer , Wolfgang charcoal burner and KurtKoffka) closely with the Gestalt psychology and/or the shape theory. Kurt Goldstein belonged to the founders of the Humanisti psychology, was co-editor journal of the OF Humanistic Psychology.

Trained in philosophical clarity (by study and discussions with his brother-in-law Ernst Cassirer) Goldstein was due to its spectacular healing successes with its brain-hurt patients in former times a critic exclusively at topographic brain maps oriented of an understanding brain function and spatially rigidly located function centers (e.g. language center): In the symptoms of the treated brain-hurt he did not see (as usual) pathological losses, but he interpreted her also as attempt of the total organism, with lesion-causes reduced brain achievement a new balance to find. Due to its acceptance that the place of a brain lesion is not identical to the place of the brain function, it results completely new beginnings to the psychological analysis and for the treatment of brain-hurt humans. In the long run they carried out for a new scientific discipline for the reason of the neuro psychology as a crucial contribution. The topicality of the holistic beginning of Goldstein is documented also by the kuerzliche new edition of its hauptwerks in English language with an introduction of olive bag.

Goldstein took part in the exile in addition, in the multidiscipline study of the authoritarian character initiated by max of Horkheimer and Erich pious.


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Over the Goldsteins' influence on the Gestalt therapy:


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Goldstein, Kurt
Neurologist and psychiatrist
6. November 1878
19. September 1965
New York
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